Oh My Tie Dye Teardrops - Medium

Oh My Tie Dye Teardrops - Medium


Tie Dye Selection

Oh MY, Tie Dye. This leather is amazing! So many colors, so much detail, so many intricate designs that I wasn’t expecting. There are spots that show the circular rings or “bursts” you expect in tie dye, and there are also spots with gorgeous patterns (think mandalas, scrolls, even paisley). The base leather is white, but you won’t see much of that. As you’ll see in the photos, color coverage is strong. Overall, there is a full rainbow of colors including: red, orange, pink, yellow, green, turquoise, blue, purple. Which of these colors appear on a pair of earrings will vary a lot based upon cut, design, and size. 

Each cut of the leather is quite different, so every earring is truly one of a kind. If you’d like to select your exact pair of Tie Dye earrings, you can use the lettered options in the drop down menu. Those letters correspond to the letters (a, b, c) that are written on the bottom right hand corner of the certain earring cards as you scroll through the additional photos on this page. The majority of Oh My Tie Dye earrings available and the default option, however, will be dealer’s choice. I will select a pair for you! It’s simpler, it’s more fun, and you really can’t go wrong!

Medium Teardrops are about 2.25” long, not including the hook. This classic design has been Hooked’s number one bestseller from the start. 

Made with genuine leather and hypoallergenic stainless steel hooks. 

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