Sweet Scallop Cork Teardrops - Medium

Sweet Scallop Cork Teardrops - Medium


Various shades of pink (plus white and gold), arranged as a layered scallop print on cork. In a size medium, some pairs will have scallops that face up and other pairs will have scallops that face down.

The cork is heavily textured and distressed, so you can see the natural cork markings. The leather backing for this cork is not as thick as most of my others, so they’re extra lightweight and flexible. Every pair is unique so the arrangement of and formation of colors will vary slightly. 

Medium Teardrops are about 2.25” long, not including the hook. This classic design has been Hooked’s number one bestseller from the start!

Made with real cork, genuine leather and hypoallergenic stainless steel hooks. The cork is backed with leather to help provide a sturdy earring design. 


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