About Me

Hey there! I’m Kristine and I handcraft every pair that goes out the door! My husband and I have been married for 15 years and have four kids. He works for a local bank; I did as well, but became a stay at home mom when our oldest was born. Then in early 2017, I decided to make some earrings for myself in my “free time”. It was supposed to just be another little craft project but I became HOOKED on making earrings and things escalated quite quickly. I’ve learned a lot in my many months of making earrings and Hooked has grown so much since it started 4 years ago! I use professional grade equipment, the highest quality supplies I can find, and strive for superior quality through a variety of carefully developed and tested techniques. 

Integrity is important to me - I’ve always been a rules follower. That is why you won’t see me intentionally bending rules or deliberately copying the work or ideas of others. I like my ideas to feel fresh and my style to be my own because Hooked is my creative outlet and making earrings is my passion.

I enjoy every step, from opening a box of new supplies, through creation and photography, to packing orders up to ship out. I love the confidence a great pair of earrings can give the wearer, the way they’ll jazz up any outfit, and how they add sparkle to a day.

I also love making connections with customers and truly value those relationships. One of my favorite things about the business is all the amazing women I’ve gotten to meet that I never would’ve otherwise - customers as well as small business owners and makers of other things. I have close friends who have since started their own handmade businesses and I adore getting to talk shop and partner up with them. 🤩

All inventory is now here on my website, I ship US orders for free or for a flat rate, and also have an easy, contactless local pickup option here in Elkhorn, NE. I team up with an couple of friends to offer Pop-Up shops a few times each year. Our Open Houses are a blast and I love seeing so many customers in person - I’m blown away by our turnout every single time and feel so honored.

I know there are a lot of choices out there, and my family and I greatly appreciate your support of my small business! 

Thank you!

Photo by the very talented Jamie Olsen Photography