Not sure where to begin size-wise? Generally speaking, Hooked Earring designs will size up as follows: 

....not including the hook. 
Stud earrings come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

    Clicking on the size names above will link you to a search for that particular size, or you can also shop by Style.

    Mediums are currently the most popular size with my customers, followed by large, but each size definitely has its fans! The beauty of lightweight leather, cork, and glitter materials is that they're all so lightweight you are not likely to notice a change as you go up in size.

    You will find that the width of a particular design (earring shape) plays a role in how a size feels - something more tapered will feel a bit smaller. For example, the large Hyacinths and large Lilies will "feel" smaller than a large Teardrop because the footprint is smaller.