Adjustable String Bracelets

Adjustable String Bracelets


Double Blue (Royal/Aqua)
Glam (Pink/Black/White)
Sunset (Gold/Orange/Purple/Blue)
GBR (Red/White)
Sherbet (Pink/Aqua/Pale Yellow/Orange)
Classic (Black/White/Ocean)

These bracelets are super fun to wear alone or stacked with other kinds of bracelets! I love to wear mine paired with my watch on one wrist, or layered with other bracelets (including braided leather bracelets, stone bracelets, and charm bracelets). 

Each bracelet is unique, wax coated, and waterproof. They are easily adjustable from 2 to 5 inches in diameter by pulling the long strings on each side… meaning they’ll fit kids and adults alike, and can often even be used as an anklet.

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