Latte Swirl Tulips

Latte Swirl Tulips


☕️ Latte Swirl! An eye-catching year-round leather with shades of rose gold, bronze, and brown swirled on white leather. I think if it as a neutral take on the best-selling <Unicorn Swirl> and <Oh My, Tie Dye> designs!  

Creamy white leather with ombré swirls in shades of rose gold, bronze, and a bit of brown. The patterns on this leather are varied, so every earring is truly one of a kind! 

The Tulip earring design boasts a beautiful asymmetrical shape, curved on one side and fairly straight on the other. The two earrings in each pair are mirrored shapes, rather than identical. They’re super lightweight and a gorgeous statement earring! 

Tulips are approximately 3” long, plus the hook, and are about comparable in size to a Large earring in other designs.

Tip: I personally prefer the look of these when the straight sides are closer to the face, curved sides out  

Made with genuine leather and hypoallergenic stainless steel hooks. 

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