Patina on Gold Fringe Layered Petals - Large

Patina on Gold Fringe Layered Petals - Large


The texture on the Patina is simply stunning. Zoom in and check it out!  There’s a subtle, lined texture like rough metal would have on the turquoise/aqua variegated leather. Then there’s the amazing metallic spots that are deeply embossed in the leather. Beautiful! Patina leather is layered over Hand-fringed gold leather. 

Layered designs are fun and unique, adding an extra bit of style! Each pair will have its own unique look... no two are exactly true same. They’ll be available in limited quantities and, with the exception of a few mainstays, for a limited time. This will allow the selection to stay fresh! 

This design is a size large -  2.5” long, plus the hook. Made of genuine leather with hypoallergenic stainless steel hooks. 

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