Shiny Opal Cork Hyacinths

Shiny Opal Cork Hyacinths


These are stunners! The cork is lacquered with highly metallic and shiny Opal paint, so it is a white-ish neutral, but depending on the angle you’ll also see bits of pink, purple, yellow, green, blue - really a range of the whole beautiful rainbow.  

The hyacinth is a gorgeous leather earring with scalloped cutout detail. Hyacinths are classy, unique, and a definite eye-catcher. They are 3“ in length (not including the hook) and gracefully taper at the tip. Hyacinths are only available in select leathers, and most of these leather are specially treated on the back of the earring to help the leather maintain a clean, crisp shape. They’re super lightweight and a gorgeous statement earring! 

Made with genuine cork, backed with genuine leather for strength.  hypoallergenic stainless steel hooks. 

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