Wooden Earrings - Reversible Dipped Skinnies

Wooden Earrings - Reversible Dipped Skinnies


Beautiful wooden earrings in a fun, new style! These Skinnies measure approximately 2 inches, plus hook, and they’re very narrow -comparable in size to a matchstick.

Rather than typical Hooked hooks, this design utilizes kidney ear wire hooks that clasp in the back. The earrings are double-sided, so you can easily switch them from Silver Dipped to Gold Dipped by sliding the wood off the hook, flipping it, then sliding it back on.

Wooden earrings are as lightweight as their leather counterparts and the sizing (small, medium, large) is very similar. Because wood is a natural material, there can be some variations in shade/texture of wood and how it takes the staining or paint process. As with other items made of a light wood, earrings are a bit delicate so please handle with care to avoid damaging them! 

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